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Everyone has a soul and an instinct to survive. Our soul is immortal, rational and conscious, while our survival instinct ensures we get our material needs. The combination of our soul and survival instinct gives us our personality and character. By understanding these two separate aspects of ourselves, we gain a deeper appreciation of who we are as a whole.

Our survival instinct is responsible for immunity, nervous response, emotions and facial structure. Our face is vital for social survival because it conveys to others what we feel and the needs we require. Our face is designed for others to see, not for us to see. Soul & Survival links facial features to instinctive character traits.

More than a thousand people shared their stories and stress reactions and this information was matched to their facial structure. The outcome was astounding. It showed a deep link between facial structure, stress and the repeating patterns of life.

Soul & Survival is a new and unique way to gain simple answers to the complexities of life.

Soul and Survival

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