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Colour Groups

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Every human face is the same, with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, a chin, and two ears.  But every face is also different.  The shape and size and angle of your eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, chin, ears, hairline, and even the lines on your face, make you a completely different you to anyone else.  Your face is how you are identified by others.  Your face says who you are.  Your internal energy shapes your face from birth, and even when your face changes as you age, that change is till in synch with your internal energy. 


Your energetic drive, which makes up your survival instinct and your face, is with you for life. 


You only belong to one of the seven groups.  If you have entered your facial structure accurately, you will be looking at the correct group, now.  But facial analysis is a skill – if you didn’t get the correct outcome from the facial wizard, you should recognise yourself when you read the book. 

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Traditional Roles

The following are just a few of the different survival strategies within each colour group. Strategies that will be employed because you are stressed or to advance your position and secure yourself within the group. Read about these survival strategies and in Soul & Survival. Find out more information about each colour group and the traditional roles below.

What colour are you?

Our internal energy is reflected in our external appearance. We are the sum total of what we look like, how we behave and all the events that we have experienced. We are unique with a blueprint to who we are. That blueprint is our survival instinct and our face is an objective way of determining which survival instinct we inherited.


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