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About Soul & Survival

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You have a soul and an instinct to survive. Your soul is immortal, rational and conscious. Your survival instinct ensures you get your material needs. The combination of your soul and survival instinct creates your personality and character. By understanding these two aspects of yourself, you gain a deeper appreciation of who you are.

Your survival instinct is responsible for your immunity, nervous responses, emotions and your facial structure. Your face is vital for social survival as it conveys to others what you feel and the needs you require. Your face is designed for others to see, not for you to see. Soul & Survival links facial features to your instinctive character traits.



Where did Soul & Survival come from?

Since 1999, in a natural health clinic setting, hundreds of people were interviewed about their health and their social issues over their life-time. Their life themes were examined to see the relationship to their current health crisis. A pattern emerged and became known as Soul & Survival.

The author of Soul & Survival, Grant Bentley, his family, and clinical supporters from around the world, have all experienced a self awareness and understanding that can take decades to learn through life experience alone. We want to share the Soul & Survival principles with you. To enrich your life experience, help you in your own life journey, and in your relationships with others.

Emotional needs

You are at your best when your basic emotional needs are met. However, fundamental emotional needs differ. You may be practical and grounded, or romantic, or thrill seeking, or academic. Misunderstandings often occur due to the mistaken belief that your emotional needs are the same as everyone else's.

Every person can be categorised into one of seven groups. Each group has different survival needs. When your survival needs are not met, you can feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled. It is vital to know what your basic needs are, as well as the needs of those we love. This gives you the best chance of a happy and fulfilled life.

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Life themes and survival strategies

You came into life with a number of social survival strategies in place. While we all have the same physical survival aspects, such as natural drives to breathe and eat, social survival instincts vary. Social survival skills are what you employ to secure your position within any group.


Nature survives through diversity. It is not beneficial for all human beings to contribute to the group in exactly the same way. We need a number of different strategies to socially secure us. These different strategies are represented by seven different groups.

Each of the seven groups has been given a colour for easy recognition. Each colour group has up to thirty identifiable survival strategies and qualities. Soul & Survival details all these qualities with stories to highlight their benefits. You will begin to understand why you have these characteristics, when you are most likely to use them and how they can trap you in an endless cycle of repetition and reaction.

Individuals have never been able to survive on their own they way they can in a group. Your survival instinct helps protect you by providing qualities needed or desired by the group. These qualities give you personal value and you will instinctively revert to them for your own protection when you are under stress.


Whether you are extroverted, introverted, academic, technical, physical, or creative; your social survival skills are how you respond to stress.  Sometimes beneficial and sometimes not, knowing yourself through the Soul & Survival model will help you be a better person.


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