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The Common Human Experience

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Soul & Survival
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You have two parts to you - your Soul and your Survival instinct.


Your soul is immortal, rational and conscious. Your survival instinct ensures you get your material needs. The combination of your soul and survival instinct gives you your personality and character.

By understanding these two separate aspects of yourself, you gain a deeper appreciation of who you are as a whole.

Your soul helps you with your higher understanding and your ethereal link to others.

Your survival instinct is responsible for your material needs.

Needs such as your immunity, your nervous system responses, and your emotions.  Even your facial structure is linked to your survival instinct.


Your face is vital for social survival because it conveys to others what you feel and what your needs are. Your face is designed for others to see, not for you to see. 


Soul & Survival links facial features to your instinctive character traits.

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Soul & Survival is a way at looking at life that makes sense. It is enlightening, useful and meaningful. Soul & Survival explains human behavior in simple everyday terms.

Our face is the medium by which we convey emotional needs and desires. Our survival instinct forms facial structure to best suit these needs. 

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